Make it Matter


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Far to often we make the things in life that don’t really matter, we make them matter. What would our world, our community, our household look like if we focused on what really matters?

Don’t let anyone fool you, how you treat people matters, how you think about others matter, how you show love to all people matters. What you do think, say and act matters.

Just so we are clear, what you drive don’t matter, what clothes you have don’t matter, the shoes you buy ( Jordan to Salvatore Ferragamo) they don’t matter.

At your funeral few people will remember your clothes, your shoes, your house, your car but they will remember the love you have shown in word and in deed.

Motivation One Moment At A Time

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Who’s The Culprit


Over the years ehi logoI have taken in my fair share of movies and have watched a great many that focus on relationships. I have often heard a statement that people make when a relationship is coming to an end. It is often used as a means of getting out of a relationship by shifting the weight of responsibility onto one own self. This is a way to take false responsibility for the failing of the relationship. This is the tactic or the strategy of the person who wants out. No matter what the reason this statement is always hard to argue with whenever it’s used.

“It’s not You It’s Me” Have you ever heard this before? Has anyone ever said this to you before? Did you ever say this to someone else? “It’s not you It’s Me” Over that last few weeks I have begin to look at the power…

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Happening To You, Happening For You


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There is one thing that I’ve learned to this point, and it is a simple concept. Its this, this life is a journey. I have learned that along this journey, everyone has residence in two principles. The principles are simple in the fact that no matter who you are or what you do you, will not get out of life without being affected by something. In other words, we don’t get out of this life without having something happen u. So whether you like it not something will happen to you. If it’s ailment, financial difficulties, relationship issues, social issues, injuries and loss of loved ones. There is nothing you can do that will effectively stop this or to put it another way, life proof you. So in essence that no matter who you are ,where you live we all suffer from the same condition of having things happen to us. Everybody is in this category. That’s right you and I are people that things  WILL happen to you. Nothing exempts you from this……

But there is another category that you don’t necessarily fall into. This other category is strictly a category of choice. You must choose this category continuously. This is a life long category that you can quit at any time or you can start at any time….. In this life the one category you must choose is the “Happen For” category. You are born into the category of the “Happen To” Yes I said it, you will always will be someone that something will happen to,  but you must choose to be the kind of person that something will happen for.

Ladies and gentlemen, NOTHING JUST HAPPENS ( I Believe) I believe that even the things that happen to you, is a divine effort to have things happen for you. Your part in everything that happens to you is your response. But let’s look solely at what happens for you. Are you waiting for things to happen to you or are you working for things to happen for you? You don’t have to work for anything to happen to you, but for things to happen you MUST work for them.

Here’s the takeaway….. Everything in nature gives away to pressure the right amount of pressure over the right amount of time. Even a diamond will shatter when put under the right pressure for the right length of time. But in that same vein diamonds are created from pressure over time. Things will always happen to you that’s nature but for thing to happen for you, that’s choice.

Motivation One Moment At A Time

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Foundation Principles (A Concrete Truth)


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I write this morning as a reminder to self, that I’m sharing with others. I have spent quite sometime looking at the building process, with a particular focus on structures. What makes a structure strong? What makes a structure last? What could cause the most problems if it’s done incorrectly? Well…two things come to mind. 1. The ground upon which something is built 2. The foundation upon which everything else will rest. I have discovered that even if you build on good ground but the foundation is poor. There will always be trouble and the trouble can’t be fixed at any other level. The cracks can be hidden, the sagging floors can be shored up, but if the problem is in the foundation. You will always have a problem.

What goes in to the structural foundation of most buildings? Concrete, and the concrete is poured into a form of some sort. But before we even get to the pouring and the forming the concrete is made of a mixture. A mixture of sand, crushed stone or gravel, cement, air and water. These must be mixed in the proper portion in order to achieve the kind of concrete for the right foundation. Too much of one and not enough of the other will cause a weakness in the concrete, which will create a weakness in the foundation and it will be a source of problems and could lead to structural failure.

The problems in the structure may go unnoticed if you are only building a story or two. But if you are planning to build high and/or big there will certainly be problems. So here is one thing to know, the higher/bigger you build the more evident the problems in the foundation will become (. The issues with your foundation will grow in direct proportion to the size of your entity, company, ministry or relationships (whatever you are building).

The right mix of ingredients is important but the ingredients by themselves don’t make concrete. The ingredients put together in a container won’t make concrete. There are two other components that are important to this process. They are the mixing (shaking, stirring up, tumbling, turning) and time.

The makings of any good foundation requires the right mixture, stirring up that mixture and time.

Here’s one takeaway…If you are building something strong don’t get discouraged when the mix is not right, don’t get discouraged when the right mix has to be shaken/turned, don’t discouraged when the mixture has to be stirred over a period of time. This is so the right consistency (tightness/elemental bonding, uniformity) will take place. I want to remind you that all this just the process of getting it ready to pour into the right form.

Motivation One Moment At A Time

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A Pig In Pearls


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There once was a farmer who awakened every day joyous about being a farmer. He loved everything about being a farmer. He loved raising chickens, pigs and cows. He loved growing crops. He loved everything about it. He loved the planting, he loved watching the seedlings grow, he loved the harvest time, he loved the rain and he even loved the droughts. He loved everything about being a farmer.

One day as he was passing the pig pen, he happened to notice that one of his pigs was significantly bigger than the others. So he separated this pig from the others and treated the pig as a pet. He took the pig and cleaned him up and put a leash on him. Wherever he went the pig went, when he ate the pig ate and whatever he ate the pig ate the same. While out in town one day he had a custom pearl collar made for his friend, his companion, his loyal pig. To him this was no ordinary pig this was his friend.

One day the pigs leash broke and the pig went running to the pig pen jumped the gate and splashed down in the mud, feces and slop. He couldn’t recall having ever seen the pig so happy, he suddenly realized that he had to leave the pig where he was the most at home. He then noticed the pearl collar that he bought for the pig was still on the neck of the pig and now it too is covered in mud, feces and slop. He began to fill silly for taking something of such great value and giving it to a pig. A pig who was neither equipped nor possessed the desire to appreciate something of such great value. A great gift that had come by way of the sacrifice of someone who wanted better for him/her.

To some, this story may seem funny but we do this all of the time. There are times in life we take the great pearls of our wisdom and experience and place them around the neck of a pigs. I know this seems harsh and judgemental but sometimes the truth can be that way because it has to be. I write this so that we will be careful and discerning of who we share our pearls (things of great value) with.

Here’s the takeaway…. you can easily recognize pigs in most cases. Pigs are the happiest when they are in the middle of, creating and neck-deep in mud (dirt) slop (anything messy) and feces. These are the people who are not just in it but when they don’t see it they will work to make everyplace they go a pig pen. All of us know people like this and I share this simply to say don’t cast the greatest things of value to you to someone who doesn’t have the slightest intent or inkling of hearing or accepting it.

You see whether you like it or not WE are all farmers in some sense. My question is this, how many pigs are wearing your pearls?

Motivation One Moment At A Time

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Fear, Faith and Favor


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Today I write this note to address a group of people in general and specifically. I write this morning to those who live with fear, for those who live in fear and to those who have multiple fears. Sometimes you can feel lonely because someone has told you/us that fear and faith can’t exist in the same body. This day I will beg to differ on this assertion. Fear and Faith can exist in the same body. The reality is that Fear and Faith can coexist in the heart and mind of any person. Faith is not defined as the absence of fear and fear is not defined as the absence of Faith.

The real question is which is bigger? Is your fear bigger than your Faith? Fear will cause you procrastinate to the point of paralysis. You see fear and Faith have statements that they make when they are lived out. You see the fearful (fear filled) will say because of. The Faithful (Faith filled) will say in spite of. What I want you to see in all this is that your sight or vision is enhanced or impeded by one or the other. Fear seeks to impede your vision to keep you from seeing what’s really working for you. Faith helps you to see it more clearly.

I write this simple note to you, that we all may know that fear is to stop you from seeing the Favor that’s working on your behalf. So here is a suggestion, when you feel fearful move forward in spite of. Here’s why… every step is moving you out of the territory of fear and moving you to the stronghold of Faith. With each step you move that much closer to seeing the picture correctly. It will be by your steps in Faith in spite of the fear that will move you closer to seeing the presence of Favor.

Here’s the takeaway…Favor is ever-present but you need more Faith than fear to see it. The Bible says ” The Just Shall Live By Faith”. So in essence it’s a lifestyle choice. It’s a choice to see Favor where you should be fearful. When your Faith is bigger than your fear, you can see Favor. When you have a bigger Faith than you fear, you can see God’s Favor in circumstances that seem unfavorable. Got Faith? Faith comes by hearing……….

Motivation One Moment At A Time

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The Life of Chivalry


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Is there still a need for chivalry?
I would say yes, there is still a need for men to be chivalrous. I know it may sound old-fashioned but, here is still a need for us to open doors, pull out chairs, to carry bags. There is still a need for us to walk closest to the traffic in public. There is still a need for us to be the provider and protector, the need still exist. If you ask me, I believe now more than ever before.
Chivalry is not about going thru the motions for appearances sake. Your chivalry can’t be a symbolic public gesture that’s not reinforced privately. Chivalry is the outward expression of thoughts and feelings expressed with simple gestures.
News Flash: To provide and protect is not about having the larger income, the biggest ego, the loudest voice, or having a physical and emotional presence of domination.
You see public chivalry is an extension of the private relationship. It says that I place you before me. It’s saying I will open doors to new opportunities for you. I will close doors to limit your exposure to unnecessary elements. I will stand on the outside so that any harm that comes to you has to go thru me first. I will lift and carry things regardless of the weight so it doesn’t burden you. I will pull out chairs and seat you first so you will know that I will work to make a place for your comfort first. Chivalry is deeper than it appears on the surface.
*Please note that Chivalry is the work of a gentlemen (better said a gentle man). Any guy can perform the outward or the surface activities, but only a gentle man will perform the private work.
Somehow we traded Chivalry for Rivalry. Keep Chivalry Alive!
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If You’re Going Thru


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This morning I was just thinking about something that I hear all the time. I often hear people say things like ” I’m going thru right now” ” You’ve got to go thru something to get to something”. I have decided that I like the latter part of the latter statement. I believe words have power. I believe words can shape and redefine our understanding of our current experiences. So today, I have decided that I’m no longer  using the term that I’m ” going thru” anything. I want to announce today that I’m “getting to” something.

I know it seems like a play on words but it’s not. See when I say I’m going thru it makes me look around at my current circumstances so I can get a real clear picture of where I am. I am simply suggesting that we change our focus so that we are not always “going thru” something but we are always “getting to” something.
I choose to think this way, because what I’m “getting to” will always be greater than what I’m “going thru”.

Here’s why, because what I’m getting to has me arriving at destination with the added benefit of having gone thru. See when I “get to” I will be better than I was when I was going thru. I’ll be stronger than I was when I was going thru. My praise will be different, my worship will be different, my walk will be different, my talk will be different, my faith will be different. I WILL BE DIFFERENT.

I choose to focus on “getting to” because It will help me feel better even when things aren’t better. Because I’m looking forward to the revelation of my experience.
I don’t know about you but from here on out. I’m not “going thru” something, I’m “getting to” something.

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The Break of Day


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Day Break

The dawning of a new day always brings new hope and good feelings. The new day is subject to mixed reviews. The new day symbolizes change. We should feel hopeful and be hope filled when we see the sun start to rise on a new day. While a time clock will tell us differently the rising of the sun is most often when we know a new day has begun.

I felt this way too, but I don’t anymore. I started to examine more closely the dawning of a new day. I began by examining the night before the new day. What I learned is this…When darkness falls, it is present until the light of the new day reveals itself. We understand clearly that when the light of new day arrives, it marks for us a new day but in reality, it is only a symbol of a new day. You see between 9pm and 11.59pm on the day before, it’s dark and we are ok with that since that is the cycle of the days. But something happens between 12:00am and 3:00am of the new day. It actually gets progressively darker during that period of time.

Here’s the takeaway, the darkest part of any night is the beginning of a new day. So don’t way until daybreak to celebrate,  learn to celebrate even at the darkest moment because the darkest point in our situation is the mark of a new day, it is the symbol that day light is on the way. The darkest point marks the beginning of something new, not the ultimate end. So don’t quit because its been dark for a while and you don’t see daylight. Know this, when things seem the darkest it is the beginning stages of the light breaking thru.

For dark nights will come, but remember that when the night is at

its darkest point it only looks like the experience of yesterday but the truth of the matter is a new day has come. The darkest point in the night is the sole possession of the new day.

Motivation One Moment At A Time

“weeping may endure for a night……….but joy

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A Father’s Heart


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As we rapidly approach Father’s Day I want to ask a simple question to the Fathers that we know and those in our lives. It’s a question that at some time in your life you should share with your children.


What’s the best thing you’ve learned in life that you want me (your child/children) to know and live out?

Please answer in the comments section of the blog and I will post responses.