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Charging The Paddles! Clear!

In the body most organs have a vital and significant role, but the organ that captures my attention at the moment is the heart. It is the job of the heart to pump the blood to the organs and extremities. The heart is one of the primary checkpoints for vitality or life. Your heartbeat or the heartbeat is a sign of vitality, a sign of life
The heartbeat of The Church or a Church is contained in two places that really go together. Matthew 25:31-40 and in Matthew 28:18 also known as The Great Commission. I am sure there are others but these verses hits right at the heart of the Church. The heart and the Church have the same job, the job of the heart is to pump blood-the job of the Church is to pump The Blood.
Whenever a Church is dying, there’s no vitality, no growth and no change, check it’s pulse and see if the blood is pumping. Check the vital sign of The Great Commission, check the pulse of serving the” least of these”.
Here’s what I’ve learned… when organs need blood they don’t come to the heart for blood but the heart sends the blood out. The heart uses a transmission system of veins and arteries to effectively distribute blood. The arteries are where the blood goes out and the veins is how it comes in. You show me a dying Church, and I’ll show you a place where the pulse is weak, the vital signs are fading, i’ll show you a place where the means of transmitting The Blood is weak or non-existent, i’ll show you a place where the blood is not being pumped out to the necessary places to sustain living and growth.
Let me set the proper tone for this picture … Far to often the Church (the heart) is waiting for something to come in and thru the veins, but nothing is being sent to the arteries. Whenever all of the arteries (outgoing) are blocked the veins (inbound) can’t get anything in, this is called heart failure or a heart attack. Whenever the heart stops, a jolt is often needed to get it going again.
Charge The Paddles! Clear!
I’m not preaching to you, but I am trying to reach you
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