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There once was a farmer who awakened every day joyous about being a farmer. He loved everything about being a farmer. He loved raising chickens, pigs and cows. He loved growing crops. He loved everything about it. He loved the planting, he loved watching the seedlings grow, he loved the harvest time, he loved the rain and he even loved the droughts. He loved everything about being a farmer.

One day as he was passing the pig pen, he happened to notice that one of his pigs was significantly bigger than the others. So he separated this pig from the others and treated the pig as a pet. He took the pig and cleaned him up and put a leash on him. Wherever he went the pig went, when he ate the pig ate and whatever he ate the pig ate the same. While out in town one day he had a custom pearl collar made for his friend, his companion, his loyal pig. To him this was no ordinary pig this was his friend.

One day the pigs leash broke and the pig went running to the pig pen jumped the gate and splashed down in the mud, feces and slop. He couldn’t recall having ever seen the pig so happy, he suddenly realized that he had to leave the pig where he was the most at home. He then noticed the pearl collar that he bought for the pig was still on the neck of the pig and now it too is covered in mud, feces and slop. He began to fill silly for taking something of such great value and giving it to a pig. A pig who was neither equipped nor possessed the desire to appreciate something of such great value. A great gift that had come by way of the sacrifice of someone who wanted better for him/her.

To some, this story may seem funny but we do this all of the time. There are times in life we take the great pearls of our wisdom and experience and place them around the neck of a pigs. I know this seems harsh and judgemental but sometimes the truth can be that way because it has to be. I write this so that we will be careful and discerning of who we share our pearls (things of great value) with.

Here’s the takeaway…. you can easily recognize pigs in most cases. Pigs are the happiest when they are in the middle of, creating and neck-deep in mud (dirt) slop (anything messy) and feces. These are the people who are not just in it but when they don’t see it they will work to make everyplace they go a pig pen. All of us know people like this and I share this simply to say don’t cast the greatest things of value to you to someone who doesn’t have the slightest intent or inkling of hearing or accepting it.

You see whether you like it or not WE are all farmers in some sense. My question is this, how many pigs are wearing your pearls?

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