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This morning I was just thinking about something that I hear all the time. I often hear people say things like ” I’m going thru right now” ” You’ve got to go thru something to get to something”. I have decided that I like the latter part of the latter statement. I believe words have power. I believe words can shape and redefine our understanding of our current experiences. So today, I have decided that I’m no longer  using the term that I’m ” going thru” anything. I want to announce today that I’m “getting to” something.

I know it seems like a play on words but it’s not. See when I say I’m going thru it makes me look around at my current circumstances so I can get a real clear picture of where I am. I am simply suggesting that we change our focus so that we are not always “going thru” something but we are always “getting to” something.
I choose to think this way, because what I’m “getting to” will always be greater than what I’m “going thru”.

Here’s why, because what I’m getting to has me arriving at destination with the added benefit of having gone thru. See when I “get to” I will be better than I was when I was going thru. I’ll be stronger than I was when I was going thru. My praise will be different, my worship will be different, my walk will be different, my talk will be different, my faith will be different. I WILL BE DIFFERENT.

I choose to focus on “getting to” because It will help me feel better even when things aren’t better. Because I’m looking forward to the revelation of my experience.
I don’t know about you but from here on out. I’m not “going thru” something, I’m “getting to” something.

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