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I was considering this morning why so many people feel stressed. They feel especially stressed around this time of year. I believe a good amount of stress can be boiled down to the active use of the right word at the wrong time. I firmly believe the right word at the wrong time can cause stress for any one us. I believe that one word can be the source of stress more than any other if it’s used when it shouldn’t be. We have somehow inherently learned that NO is a dirty word. We feel guilty sometimes when we even consider saying it in certain situations (even when we know that we should).

 We are, at our very basic level hopeful people. Most of us have a need to satisfy someone else at some place in time or another. We hate to disappoint people and we try to avoid it as much as possible. There is an invisible bridge of tension between two simple words. This is largely due to them being two different worlds, with one word opening the doors of possibility and the other shutting them. I really haven’t looked at in this light until now. (I am getting it even as I write this)

The biggest culprit of stress is a three letter word Y-E-S. I want to be clear that it can cause the most stress when we use it at the improper time. Is there an improper time to say yes? Absolutely! For example, when you know you should say no but you don’t, when you know you can’t do what’s being asked of you effectively, when you know it’s not your issue in the first place.
Here’s the takeaway…..If you want to reduce stress, stop saying yes ( It really is that simple)
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