The loneliest road in all creation is the road of leadership. It often feels as if you are all alone in the endeavor. It feels like nobody understands your point of view. Nobody seems to understand the terrain that you face. If you feel this way you are correct in your feelings. As a  leader you should see things differently from everyone else. Your view should be different because you are out front. You are the one who must be able to evaluate the coming road conditions and adjust accordingly. You are the one that when the paved road runs out you will chart a new course often into unchartered or at least unfamiliar territory. The road of leadership is indeed a lonely one, but all leaders must travel this road. As a leader there are no detours that will get you around this road. This is the way you must travel.

Here’s the takeaway….. As a leader you are meant to make pathways were there once was brush, you are meant to put gravel on pathways, you are meant to pave the gravel roads so that those who follow and those who lead in their own respect will know the way a way to go.